Sunday, 23 March 2008

Easter Day

Today has been the coldest Easter Day I can remember. We woke up to the first snow of the winter here in London. Actually the spring equinox was a couple of days ago, so in fact we have had no snow all winter but instead some right at the beginning of spring. How mad is that?

So to keep ourselves warm and toasty we abandoned our plans to go treasure hunting and decided to stay indoors all day instead. It has been a lovely, mellow, family day. This is what we have done.

Eaten vast amounts of chocolate.

Drawn, coloured, cut and glued a collage to go on the kitchen wall (having been inspired by this brilliant book). Its kind of a farmyard, but there happened to be an elephant visiting as well on the day the picture was drawn. O, who has limitless patience, glued on 47 separate flowers, and I got into trouble with G for glueing his birds on upside down without realising. C drew the sweetest little chick for our flock of hens.

We read books and played board games.

And just before teatime, we waved G off as he left to stay with his parents prior to his first triathlon of the season at dawn tomorrow morning. I think he might be cold.


Monday update:

Thank you on G's behalf for your kind wishes. It was indeed snowing but the race went well. In a triathlon you do the swim first and then do the bike ride and run in whatever you wore for the swim. Happily, G wears a tri-suit, but he said that there were some men running around Bushey Park in the snow in Speedos this morning. And now you have that delightful image in your heads, I shall wish you all well for the week ahead.



  1. What a fab collage! It sounds like you had a perfect Easter Sunday!

    Very restful!

  2. That sounds like a lovely day, and you have some good games there as well. (Don't know the taxi one, but the rest are all good to play.)

  3. A beautiful collage! Perhaps the weather will improve when the clocks go forward next weekend? C and O's Easter eggs await them here in Oxford. Ma x

  4. Your day sounds lovely (except for the snow part!). Can't wait to hear how the triathlon went.


  5. What a lovely collage (and very nice paper used for the flowers and grass...!!) I LOVE the chicken drawings, they are truly fabulous. Hope G has got on ok today- have been thinking of him, Brrrr!x

  6. men in speedos running around a park on a March morning is just WRONG (in fact on any morning...)Glad he had fun though!x

  7. I just discovered you via Driftwood's blog. I love the pictures the children did of chickens. I too have an Eglu!

  8. love the picture, hate the thought of a triathlon, brrrrrr !


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