Sunday, 9 March 2008

Weekend list

This weekend has been about:
  • sewing presents for people
  • chatting with my mother
  • baking
  • more baking
  • gazing up at clear blue skies wondering if there really is a giant storm heading our way
  • C & O doing mysterious things together
  • eggs
  • friends who always make me feel good

I hope you had a lovely weekend too.


  1. The funky chicken as a pin cushion....I'll be making more! Good idea! Love the bibs!

  2. what a lovely weekend, so what did you bake?
    I'd love to have chickens, are they are a lot of work?
    and that storm is definitly here now, I got blown away walking to school.

  3. What lovely bibs! You are very clever indeed!Glad you had a lovely weekend.xx

  4. Lovely bibs! My parents have taken delivery of their Eglu, and are getting chicks when the smalls going and visit next week (haven't told them yet).

  5. I always leave your blog smiling! Thank you! Love seeing your recipes (I must figure out a metric conversion to make some), and love seeing your latest sewing projects and what O & C are into these days. :)


  6. We have so many books in common, and like you I love My Naughty Little Sister...and thankfully both my children love it too.

    I'm sure I can spy on your shelves the spines of the Rainbow Fairies books daughter also has lots of them...but I find them miserable to read as an adult. We're in more a Roald Dahl phase now, which is much nicer! x


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