Monday, 21 July 2008

The English summer

This song by Sheffield duo, Grandadbob, is one of my all-time, top favourite, Desert Island Discs. I am listening to it a great deal at the moment, because it is that time of year.

It has got me thinking too. The Grandadbob definition is brilliant, but what would mine be? A list clearly.

► Strawberries
► Broad beans
► Music festivals
► Drinking cider
► Damp grass
► Open windows
► Early dawns
► Tents
► Dragonflies
► Hay
► Midges
► Jam making
► Sunhats
► Cherries
► Sports day at school


Last week was Sports Day and this coming weekend is the music festival.

On Thursday, G and I are heading off to The Secret Garden for five days of child-free, music-drenched outdoors relaxation. We’ve been to The Big Chill (many times), Womad and The Green Man before, but this is our first time to The Secret Garden. I’m looking forward to it so much.

For me a good festival is small, laid-back, beautiful, busy and slightly mad. I want to drink posh cider in the sunshine, read books, play games, eat middle-of-the-night bacon sandwiches, wear funky clothes, discover some new music and hang out with friends. I am sure all of this is going to be waiting for me at The Secret Garden.

There’s a festival packing list – obviously.

And my funky raincoat will be the first thing packed, but from the forecast it looks as though I won’t need it. Even an English summer is sunny sometimes!

See you all in a week’s time.



  1. Please don't leave me!!! But if you must...sigh. Have a fabulous time, don't lose the feather boa! Can't wait to hear all about it.Take loads of piccies please! And don't forget the choklit.x

  2. p.s-really would like to know what it says on your list under 'wellies' does it beard??

  3. Hope you are having a marvelous time. I was fascinated checking out the website.



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