Monday, 14 July 2008

Things of which I am scared - but I don't let on....

Until now that is:

  • moths
  • being burgled
  • dogs
  • needing stitches
  • canals
  • making phone calls
  • the bough breaking...

...especially when he is climbing with a friend before school.


  1. I wondered why you never rang me!! Heehee. Not surprised about your fear of the bough breaking. How did you manage to refrain from shrieking at him at the top of your voice?!
    Am also scared of dogs, sadly, and spiders. And death. Not my own, really, people close to me.Ooh-err, getting deep now...x

  2. oh he's high - I'm scared of heights....

  3. love your new haircut! :)


  4. Can empathise with the MOTHS! Makes me shiver just to think about them, the one drawback to summer evenings.


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