Monday, 28 July 2008

A festival in numbers

To remind myself that I am sometimes an accountant, after a weekend of behaving more like a blissed out, love-and-peace child from the 1960s, here is my tale of the festival in numbers.
  • people other than me, seen wearing aprons as fashion items: 6
  • feather boas purchased: 2
  • conversations with my sister-in-law bemoaning the disgusting state of our fingernails: 5
  • pirate ships danced on: 1
  • visits to portaloos: 20ish
  • visits to the eco-friendly composting toilets: 1
  • books packed: 5
  • books read: 2
  • nights I stayed up until 2am: 3
  • glasses of mead drunk: 4
  • days of unbroken sunshine: 5
  • conversations with people dressed as zebras: 4
  • glasses of Pimms drunk: 5
  • photos taken: 192
  • glasses of kir Breton cocktails drunk: 4ish
  • cold pints of cider drunk: 4
  • minutes spent fretting about everyday concerns: 0
  • cups of tea drunk: 8
  • cups of coffee drunk: 7
  • minutes spent fantasising about a nice hot bath: approx. 50
  • minutes spent in the bath when I returned home: 42
  • and many, many more hours spent lying in tents, lying outside on the grass, listening to music, dancing, chatting, people watching and grinning.

If you want to see even more photos, head over to my flickr set.


  1. Aww man that looks like a lot of funinthesun! Love seeing the photos and reading the list. Glad you had sunny skies and a great time! :)


  2. total riot - been looking at the flikr photos. you wild child(ren), you! ;)

  3. Looks like you had a great time! Very 1960's hippyish!

    I love the numbers thing is that what all accountants do!

    Vanessa x

  4. this is the best list of all. a record of fun rather than a list of stuff to do. what was the festival?


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