Sunday, 6 July 2008

What's going on?

Some things that I'm enjoying at the moment:
  • the heartbreak of Ed and Fallon's relationship in The Archers. Why is he so stoopid as to be still mooning over daft Emma??
  • the smell of the tomato plants as I pick off the baby side leaves and feed them to the hens each morning. The smell of tomato plants is one of my earliest memories - crouching in my Grandfather's greenhouse in Sheffield, gazing at water dripping slowly from the water butt.
  • Grapefruit and geranium essential oils in the oil burner at night.
  • This wedding video - there are many, many weddings coming up amongst our family and friends this year and next. I will probably cry at all of them, given that even this video reduces me to a sobbing heap.
  • Washing the rice - a hypnotically soothing activity after work as I prepare that evening's curry. I am cooking lots of thai vegetable curries at the moment using this range of pastes.
  • The unseasonable wind we've been having lately: washing flapping on the line, fresh air blowing through the house and ruffled feathers in the hens' run. All good.
  • Ice creams in the park - they always remind me and G of our friend Ann who loved Mr Whippy vans so much when she visited us from America more than ten years ago. Mr Whippy rocks! This one's for you, Ann :o)


  1. I agree completely about Ed. What is he thinking about - Fallon is a lovely girl! I guess it's all about brotherly jealousy really. It seems Will is trying to get Emma back - really? Has he forgotten what she did? Oh, I love a good storyline!

  2. Just wanted you to know that I awarded you the "Just Plain Fun to Read Award" :) You can grab the banner over at my blog, if you like.


  3. I just showed the video to my friend who is getting married in 2 weeks! Isn't it great?
    And what is it with this wind?

  4. Mr. Whippy?!?! Oh what I wouldn't give to be over there right now having a Mr. Whippy!!! lol Love that O carries on the tradition! And I have to agree... there IS something sooo soothing about rinsing rice. off to check out what curry pastes you're using. we tried to eat thai last night but our fav restaurant was closed for a few days on vacation.


  5. Ah, the scent of tomato plants-always reminds me of my grandad too-my brother and I used to go to his tomato nursery in the holidays and make tomato boxes for him to take them to market. He always smelt of them-such a unique smell. Whenever I tie mine in, or water them the smell lingers, but I love it.
    Lovely photo of O!

  6. What about these past few days then? Old Emma has her claws deep into poor Ed now. Silly boy. He should have stuck to his cries of 'Leave me alone!' and run screaming for the hills. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!


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