Sunday, 14 December 2008


I so want to get this quilt finished by Christmas. I'm near the end but there's still a great deal to do. I'm not sure how that works, but it's true. I want C to be able to sleep under it on Christmas Eve and potter round the house with it wrapped around his shoulders at some ungodly hour of the morning on Christmas Day. And I want to be able to photograph it in some nice, bright winter sunshine please.

I can't neglect everyone else though. I've been sewing for my sister, my niece and my nephew, and there are secret somethings for my sister-in-law and for G still to do. I feel as though I am hibernating under a half-sewn quilt, with my sewing machine and my box of hand sewing bits that moves around the house with me. I think maybe I will emerge, blinking, into the sunlight on Christmas Day like a mole coming out of its hole: 'Oooh, hello everybody! Is it Christmas now?'

A seasonal parcel has found it way into my burrow. My Holiday Traditions package arrived from Christie yesterday. I am now listening to some cracking Christmas tunes (Frosty the Snowman - so cool!), dreaming of ginger snaps and sugar plums, and cleaning the remains of candy canes from my children's hands.

But most of all, I am in AWE at this lady's embroidery skills. I now realise I have some way to go before I can say I do embroidery.


Thank you Christie, for such a thoughtful, exciting and Christmassy parcel! It is making my last-minute winter hibernation much more festive.


  1. Fingers crossed that you get everything done in time especially the quilt. Where did you get those very cute gingham scissors from?

  2. that quilt is going to be so lovely, hope you get everything finished. I'm way behind on my Christmas gifts, but there's still a few days to go right......

  3. It is beautiful embroidery. Good luck with the quilt.

  4. I just now saw this!! You are too sweet. I think my embroidery skills have a ways to go too, if only I had the time!


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