Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Super clean clothes pegs

Here are all the things I have inadvertently put through the washing machine in the past week.
  • Swimming goggles – 2 pairs.
  • An entire pocket sized packet of tissues, still in their wrapper.
  • Three lipbalms; one of which, disastrously, went through the tumble dryer as well.
  • Two clothes pegs (why? Have not hung washing outside since October).
  • A chocolate wrapper
  • Enough loose change to pay for one child’s school meals this week
  • One plastic catapult which came free with the Beano
  • A marble
  • Five hairclips
  • One slipper

There is now a sign up next to the washing machine.


  1. I washed yet another of J's biros in his top shirt pocket, and yet again it leaked inky blackness all over the shirt, and a few other hapless things in the wash.....

  2. never tumble-dry a lipstick.

    just saying

  3. After 8 years of nagging first born son to blow his nose, I am now hoist by my own petard. Tissues in pockets - aaaaaargh

  4. oh tissues in pockets - pet hate and i yet i never check ...........

    at least no animals or children in the washing machine yet :-D

    Lesley x

  5. Heehee- we have the same Beano Catapult at work, we buy it for the children and have been playing with the free gifts. It hasn't made it into the washing machine yet though..
    I too am rubbish at checking pockets. Your list is far more interesting than mine could ever be though! I thought you would have a conker or two though, or maybe an acorn on yours?!x

  6. Brilliant and so true!!! Why is it that hairclips seem to multipy when you're not looking but yet you ban never find two the same colour?
    I dread to think what a state the lipbalm left everything in!
    Just caught up on your blog having been away, LOVE the embroidery, how gorgeous is that?
    Have you finished the quilt yet? Can't wait to see it?
    Jane. x
    P.S How are you 'coping' with the Boden sale? Luckily it started when I was away, still managed a few purcheses since however!

  7. When we were kids, our mom would give the coins found in the laundry to whichever kid volunteered to do the folding. As we got older we realized it was never that much. But now that I look at your photo, I have a whole new reason to consider whether the US should use $1 coins or not! I bet finding 4 pounds in the laundry would have kept us folding well into our teen years!


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