Friday, 13 February 2009

14th February

In this house, 14th February is all about birthday love rather than romantic love.
But this year, somebody is hedging her bets with a reversible Valentine/Birthday note.


  1. I love those little baking powder tins and I have kept some for bits and pieces! Hope the birthday goes well.

  2. happy birthday wishes to Mr Listmaker, hope the presents and dual purpose cards make his day x

  3. Ahh, Happy Birthday for tomorrow G, and good work O!

  4. That is great.

    I admit, my daughter's birthday is four days after Valentine's, and we definitely have had our share of heart decorations, chocolate candies as birthday treats, and other red and pink decorations throughout the years. She doesn't complain, but I keep expecting it to come one of these days...

  5. We have a Valentine birthday chez Soup too. Extra special!

  6. Have you any of those chocolates going spare?

  7. Too funny.

    I have a close-to-Valentine's birthday, and they've often been combined for me too, hence the birthday/Valentine's flowers I got...


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