Friday, 20 February 2009

Adding to lists

The Isle of Wight is my new favourite place to go on holiday. I have added it to my list of Places I love to visit the most in the UK. We spent a happy five days walking along cliff tops and beaches, taking photos of seaweed, rocks, stones, birds, waves and views. It was warm and sunny, with just the right amount of mist and mystery in the early mornings.

I've added to a few other lists as well.

A favourite list of mine at the moment is Things I am Going To Do When I am Retired. At the moment this list mainly consists of loose travel plans involving long distance hikes, but it is growing rapidly and by the time I am retired (at least thirty years away) I will need a great deal of energy to work my way through it. This week I added Walking around the Isle of Wight Coast to that list. The Isle of Wight is a walker's paradise with hundreds of marked trails, views around every turn and plenty of tea rooms and pubs for mid-walk refreshment.

My Best Smells list has two new additions to it: seaweed and espresso-made-by-G-to-cheer-me-up. My children claim to hate the smell of seaweed - how can this be? It is the essence of a seaside walk. This week I took deep lung-filling breaths as I walked along the empty beaches. Espresso-made-by-G-to-cheer-me-up smells even better than normal coffee does, which is already pretty good. Coffee made with kindness and love (in the face of grouchiness and scowls) is a wonderful thing indeed.

My Things I Can Knit list is coming along nicely too. I finished some mittens for C before we left for our holiday, and while we were away I knitted myself this hat. I love it - mainly because I knitted it, but also because its comfy, looks pretty funky, and ACTUALLY FITS. For any of you out there who also have oddly sized heads, knitting your own hats is the way to go. No more weird red stripes and indentations on my forehead when I take off my hat - hoorah!


  1. Welcome Back! Glad you had a good holiday. Loving the hat too!

  2. I am, for obvious reasons, very envious of those mittens. Where is the extra wiggly bit?

  3. I have such fond memories of the Isle of Wight, as you know, and am so pleased you had a fab time. We went camping there last year and really enjoyed it.
    Good work on the hat! I have an enormous head, maybe i need to knit my own?

  4. Hey -- great hat! I have the retirement list as well, and my best friend from college and I are planning to hike the appalachian trail, which as you may or may not know, goes along the east coast of the US from mountain range to mountain range. We're supposed to start this year, in fact, in preparation for our retirement (in about 10 years). But it seems kind of daunting. We may need to start with a walk around the Isle of Wight to get us in shape for a hike though the muggy, mosquito-ridden mountains of Georgia. So we may just you your list instead of ours!

  5. The Isle of Wight is on my must visit list too. Glad you had fun.

  6. I just love that picture of the boat with its flaking paint. The Isle of Wight sounds wonderful. I have to add it to my ever expanding list of places to visit.

  7. What a lovely trip you had! Found your blog a little while back and have enjoyed reading your posts hugely. I LOVE lists and am off to make some of my own now in a lovely new notebook - always better to get stuff out of brain onto page I feel. V x


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