Thursday, 26 February 2009

The Tidy Fairy

"That's a nice outfit," I said
"I'm The Tidy Fairy, " replied O. "Except I'm dusting becuase I like that better than tidying."
"The Tidy Fairy?"
"Yeah - you know. The one who tidies our bedrooms."

And at that point I realised that 6 year olds don't really get sarcasm.

I won't be saying 'Who do you think tidied your room? The tidy fairy?' any more. I want some credit around here.


  1. :-D :-D i always use the "tidy fairy" comment so thanks for the heads up i shall be changing it very quickly!!!

  2. If only the tidy fairy did exist! She doesn't visit my place very often!

  3. too right!
    maybe if you dressed up in the tutu ..? only joking.
    your little one looks very sweet.

  4. I need to know how I've offended the tidy fairy. Because she's not making many visits to our house.

    And how is it that kids don't get sarcasm at 6, but are dishing it out by 8?

  5. Do you not think that this might be a double bluff by young Livvy? I am sure she is ahead of the game!

  6. have you been to the House Fairy website?

    THAT'S scary. She wouldn't be dressing up as no fairy if she saw that.

  7. I'm loving the idea of tidying wearing a tutu, it would certainly add interest. xx

  8. quite right too- GREAT duster. Does the real 'Cleaning Fairy' have such a fabulus outfit too?!(or only on Fridays....)

  9. My husband still speaks fondly of the Sock Fairy. Next time she visits I think she might bury him under a pile of laundry ;-)


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