Tuesday, 10 March 2009

10 things

1. I love this article on yesterday’s Magazine section of the BBC website. I commuted both yesterday and today, knitting socks. This is much easier than commuting with my regular needles – nobody got accidentally poked as I finished a row.

2. At the weekend, I received a parcel from Driftwood – my prize from her 200th post giveaway. She has excellent taste in chocolate and ribbon, and the felted flower is just beautiful. Thank you Tess!

3. I made two more of the Oliver + S skirts on Sunday in this summery turquoise and pink print, for O and her cousin. Every time I make them I am delighted with how quick and pretty they are.

4. I am feeling bad that I can’t make something as quick and lovely for C. But I bought a simple pyjama trousers pattern on Saturday, so I am sure I will soon.

5. He wants a bandana like mine (except I call it a headscarf not a bandana) instead of the pyjamas. He thought a black and red gingham would be good, but I can’t say I’ve ever seen black and red gingham.

6. He may get a bandana AND pyjamas. But in a blue Amy Butler print, not black and red gingham.

7. Carrot cake with a lime icing was a suggestion from Garden Girl. She is a genius. Do try it next time you are making a carrot cake.

8. I really want to go and see the V&A exhibition on hats. I love hats and this just looks so cool.

9. I am reading A Ragged Schooling by Robert Roberts. It is an immensely readable and entertaining book that I just lose myself in.

10. Lady Grey tea is even nicer than Earl Grey tea. Try it, I insist.


  1. Lady grey IS better, I am a big fan.
    Lovely skirts-are they particularly good just for little people or can you adapt them for slightly bigger people too?
    Loving Tess's parcel, she is one very clever lady.

  2. mmm lady grey tea and carrot cake! I like the sound of your weekend.
    glad you liked the parcel. xx


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