Sunday, 1 March 2009

The nonsense list

On holiday and away from the predictability of our day-to-day life, I discovered that my family speak complete nonsense.

Some recent examples:
  • "Had I married Barbie...."
  • "When's it going to be my turn to be the oldest?"
  • "There's a peacock perching on top of the hay bales"
  • "I know. You burp and I'll take the photos."

These sentences made no sense at the time. Even less so now.


  1. that oldest comment is priceless! xx

  2. Pondering what a burping photo might look like...

  3. those a great! you remind me to write this stuff down. I do like the burping one.

  4. LOL children are great arent they! my sons favourite is calling someone a banana and also incorporates the word "bum" into as many things as possible .............

  5. Tee hee! Very random! The most used word in this house... don't ask!

  6. I am staggered that Lesley is assuming it's the children saying all that....


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