Friday, 13 March 2009

Coffee and me

I drank my first cup of coffee when I was nearly twenty four years old. I always liked the smell, but never the taste.

The thing that drove me to it in the end was a job interview with KPMG for a graduate trainee position. My interview was an all day one. To get to central London from Norwich, ready to start my interview at 9am, I had woken at 5am. I was a student, and more suited to going to bed at 5am.

At 8:45am I was standing in a board room, dressed in a suit for the first time in my life, with about 20 other candidates and a large table full of freshly brewed coffee in large jugs. It smelt amazing. I clearly remember looking at the jugs and thinking If I am going to get through this day without falling asleep I need some caffeine. And the cups of builders tea and packets of pro plus that had sustained me through University suddenly didn't seem suitable.

So I poured myself a cup of coffee, added a splash of milk, and pretended to the room that I had been drinking it all my life. I loved the coffee and got the job - it was a momentous day.

I drink coffee every day. Not loads - usually just one large cup in the middle of the morning, and occasionally another in the middle of the afternoon. But I am not very nice if I don't have it. I rarely drink anything other than filter coffee or espresso. Cappucinos and lattes don't taste enough of coffee.

I buy my beans from all sorts of places - currently from Abel & Cole, but I love Taylors of Harrogate and Starbucks beans too.

I like the coffee rituals I have built up:

  • putting the coffee machine on as soon as I get home after dropping C and O at school
  • calling in at Caffe Neros when I get off the tube on a work day
  • choosing which flavour of beans to grind at the weekend
  • packing the aluminium espresso maker when we go camping
  • choosing which mug I want to drink out of

We're in a proper relationship now, me and coffee.


  1. And chocolate too, which almost always enhances a coffee!

  2. Yes, coffee is essential. My new favourite beans are from Waitrose, Sumatra Mandeling, quite a dark roast, lovely rich flavour - I'm drinking a mug right now!

    I like the last photo, coffee, chocolate and Portmeirion china, perfect.

    Have a good weekend.

  3. it's funny to remember how you started drinking coffee... i didn't remember your being a coffee drinker, and now i know why! wouldn't roanoke have been different with coffee? i think about that sometimes...


  4. mmm. could do with a cup right now! can I have chocolate with mine too please xx

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  6. you knew I would like this, didn't you! I'm with you on the camping front - I bought a portable coffee filter before I bought sleeping bags.

  7. I love the chocolate on the side - perfect!


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