Friday, 6 March 2009

A simple, quick headscarf

I wanted to make myself a headscarf like these Blythe dolls from Flickr are sporting. A funky, hippyish, 1970s inspired, tied-behind-the-hair-not-under-the-chin-like-the-Queen-at-the-races, headscarf.

I spent far too long trying to remember my GCSE geometry in an attempt to work out how long the sides of the square needed to be to give me a particular measurement diagonally. In the end I gave up, ate some chocolate and emailed G at work, who reminded me that it was Pythagoras that did what I neeeded: A squared plus B squared equals C squared. Helpfully he'd done the actual calculations for me as well, so I didn't have to start wondering whether A, B or C was the diagonal and how the square root formula worked in Excel.

So I cut out a 26" square from a large remnant of Moda fabric I had been hoarding. I hemmed each side with a double quarter inch hem to give me a scarf that measures 25.5" square and a little over 35" on the diagonal.

As I sat down to sew I was listening to Woman's Hour on Radio 4, and in one of those delightfully coincidental moments they had a discussion on headscarves. Perfect!


  1. The scarf is really great. I am not a fan of the tie under the chin type either. I especially hate party hats with the elastic under the chin!

  2. That looks very cute! I'm not sure it's a style that would look cute on me but I might have to have a go to find out ..

  3. looks very cute on you, I would end up looking like a cleaner.......

  4. I have, on more than one occasion, bemoaned the fact that my ears seem to be in the wrong location to allow this kind of headscarf wearing.
    Which is a great pity, as yours looks most fetching.

  5. what driftwood said. Either that, or my granny.

  6. My, you do pull off the headscarf look so well! maybe you should come visiting next week and set up a stall at Cheltenham Races? you would make a fortune....xx


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