Friday, 12 June 2009

Five examples of good packaging

I do love good packaging.

Neal's Yard hand cream. Pots and tubs are so much nicer than tubes. Neal's Yard sell their products in thick, chunky pots that are a beautiful Victorian-medicinal shade of blue.

Packets of pasta. Why are these so very satisfying to pick up and pack away? I don't know, but I love them. Waitrose's font is one of pleasing simplicity too.

The papercut silhouettes on Seeds of Change chocolate bars. This peacock is so cool. And what's inside the wrapper is pretty good too.

The Trangia. Its perfectly stacked pots and beautiful, but functional, aluminium never fail to delight me.

A parcel for a friend.


  1. ooh how I love a good trangia, we cooked sausages on the beach with ours a few weeks ago, as near to camping as you can get, whilst still sleeping in a comfy bed xox

  2. Oh no! I haven't got a Trangia! I feel like a less worthy camper as a result...shall go buy one right away! after a bar of Seeds of Change choklit,

  3. I'm a sucker for good packaging too, I kept taking photos of water and elderflower presse bottles on honeymoon.

    Love Neal's Yard packaging as well.


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