Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The view from here

This is what another year older looks like.

This is what the V&A museum looked like this morning in the sunshine:

I found a whole new gallery I had not been to before - the ironwork gallery:

This is what teeny, tiny KNITTING looks like. Compare the size of the early 20th C typewriter letters with the minute early-19th C stitches. Wow.

This is what my second birthday cake looks like (we finished the first one last night!). It is the damp lemon and almond cake from Nigella's Domestic Goddess book. Last year I made four of them for my brother-in-law's wedding. They're very good.

This is what my pile of presents looks like. I'm opening them this evening when G and the children get home from work and school.


  1. Happy birthday to you...and thank you for telling us about the Ironwork gallery at the V&A - a revelation that I'll follow up...

  2. Happy Birthday Nancy...hope you've enjoyed yourself. However have you not opened those presents?....The willpower!!
    My husband has just said that all the best people are born on 30th June....funny that, as it's his birthday as well!!! Have fun.
    Jane. x

  3. wow-that's a pile of presents indeed! How very exciting, a pile of presents and cake. The perfect end to a birthday. Loving the purple Birkies too x


    I've got that t-shirt!

  5. happy birthday, hope it was a lovely one. your cake sounds divine xox

  6. One year older looks pretty lovely.

    I hope tomorrow's post shows what was in that enormous stash of presents?

  7. Happy Birthday! We'll have to try that cake out too, looks super.

  8. Happy birthday for yesterday. All the best people have June birthdays!


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