Sunday, 6 February 2011

10 things

  • Graham's birthday quilt is finished.  A week ahead of schedule, which means that it took me five full-on weeks from start to finish.  I've been remarkably modest with photos of it so far (ahem...) so here are a few more.
  • He loves it.  Phew
  • I've given it to him a week before his birthday, but I'll still take it back off him on Birthday Eve and wrap it up!
  • I made Baileys Choc Chip Scones this afternoon.  Yes, you read that correctly.  The recipe is from Ruth Clemens, a finalist in the Great British Bake Off last year, and goodness me, what a recipe!  They actually taste like Baileys.  So good.
  • O and I went to see the Royal Ballet's production of Giselle yesterday.  It's only on for another couple of weeks, but if you can manage to get tickets then do.  It was incredible - so romantic that it actually left me in tears at one point.  And I have never seen or heard a standing ovation quite like it at the end. 
  • Now the quilt is finished, I am in a frenzy of excitement about what to make next.  Pyjamas for the children are top of my list.  And then some shirts for me, some more cushions for the house, and some bits and pieces for my poor neglected Etsy shop.
  • Maybe I should reverse that order and sort out the poor neglected Etsy shop first?
  • I have been trying (really very hard) to read some Virginia Woolf.  But sadly it's proving unreadable.  So I may have to fall back on the Cal Patch book, which finally came through on my reservations at the library, and which is proving well worth the wait.
  • I came back from the supermarket, and without being asked C unpacked and put away all the shopping, and then made me a cup of tea.  I thought back to those seemingly endless toddler years and wished I could go back in time and tell myself that this day of genuinely helpful children would come.  I don't think I would have believed myself though.
  • We're all loving The Human Planet - genuinely some of the best television I've seen in years.  I do like a nice bit of quality tele in the evenings.


  1. The quilt is utterly beautiful!

  2. That quilt is so nice and original too ,and by the look on his face he too is delighted ,very well done Jan xx

  3. Beautiful Quilt - am in awe of your speed too.

    Speaking as one currently enjoying the toddler years, I don't believe you either :)

  4. I've never been able to truly get into Woolf either.

  5. Just found your blog - wonderful, wonderful quilt, those leaves are amazing.
    Also just printed off your camping checklist, we bought a tent last month and now we need the rest of the 'stuff' - yikes, I hope we love it when we get to do it!

  6. Absolutely wonderful quilt, how very clever, and dedicated you are!
    I've just picked up "to the lighthouse" at a charity shop but haven't stated it yet. I've never read any Woolf so I'll see how I get on.

  7. What a gorgeous quilt! I always look at things like that, sigh, and go and look at the rubbish one I've been making for the last 19 years. Those leaves are wonderful.


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