Tuesday, 1 February 2011

A 24 hour knitting distraction

In the middle of quilting leaf, after leaf, after leaf onto G's birthday quilt, I decided yesterday that I needed a break.  So I picked up my knitting needles for a quick distraction, and decided to knit a solution to a hair problem that had been aggravating me for several weeks.

I change my hairstyles as often as I can afford it, and at the moment I have long hair - well below my shoulders.  I'm happy with long hair (although I'm dying to have a fringe cut in again), but it's been causing me problems on my winter walks.  If I want to wear a hat, I need to have my hair down - you can't wear a woolly hat over a ponytail or a bun.  But if I wear my hair down it blows all over my face, and much as I love long hair, I HATE hair in my mouth. Ack.

Last week I agonised the whole way along the Regent's Canal to Gill, and the whole way round Kew to Tracy and Kristina, about my hair/hat dilemmas.  I had hair in my mouth, so stopped to put my hair up.  Then I had a chilly head, so my hair came down and my hat went on.  Then I got hair in my mouth, so stopped to take off my hat and put my hair up.  You get the picture.  So did they.

When I got back from Kew, Kristina very kindly emailed me a link to this pattern on Knitty which was the absolute perfect solution to my hair/hat difficulties. 

Calorimetry is a headband designed especially for the problem I have been moaning about wrestling with.

I knitted it exactly to the pattern requirements, in Rowan Pure Wool Aran yarn in the sage shade.  It took me only a day to knit, and was such a fun, easy pattern on two needles.

The headband is fastened by a button at the base of the neck, and I was so happy to be able to use this fine button which Anna gave me - I think it comes from the lovely Cowboys and Custard.  Choosing the perfect button is always a favourite part of any project.

But the very best thing? It fits, and it works!  I LOVE it!

It covers my ears, and keeps them toasty warm.  It covers the top of my head, and keeps me warm there too.  It lets me wear a lovely high, swingy ponytail.

And it even keeps pretty earrings on display. 

I really don't think I've ever knitted anything quite so satisfying in such a short space of time.  Happy days.


  1. You're so quick! It looks lovely. And laid flat it reminds me of your quilty leaves...

    K x

  2. I'm going to dig out some stash right now!

  3. Now that must be the answer to many poeple's problem ,I put my hair up in a clip ,so it would work for me thankyou for sharing ...love Jan xx

  4. fabulous! That Kristina is very good at emailing interesting things to solve ones dilemnas!
    I have a similiar thing in fleecy material that I wear to run. Mainly because it keeps my ears warm and means no one recognises me. It does stop hair getting stuck to your vaseline too, and keeps your headphones in. Phew. Great invention! LOVE the yarn colour, and so pleased you found a use for the button too.x

  5. Oh I want one! I may have to put my crochet down for a few hours...

  6. I printed the pattern ,but not clear ,about the wool it says arran is that what you used?
    ,and what size needles did you use?I would be so grateful if you could help me please ,,,love Jan xx

  7. She's a wise woman, that Kristina. And you look great in it!

  8. It's perfect! As is the button - I'm with you on that as the being the best bit of a project.

  9. I love my calorimetry, they're brilliant, aren't they? Love the colour of yours.

  10. It looks lovely and really suits you. Great solution to your hair-hat-wind problem! Lucy x


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