Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Today was a day which made me think very deeply - in a good way.

The contents of my green satchel this afternoon - full and only semi-organised, like my state of mind.

I ate my lunch in the sunshine, sitting on a bench in the churchyard at Southwark Cathedral.  I love the jumble of rooflines and little spires at this cathedral.  It feels properly ancient and it is - this is the oldest cathedral building in London.

After my lunch I headed back to East London to pick up the car and collect the children from school.  I was a little early, and instead of killing my time knitting, as I usually do, I just sat in the car and took photos of myself in the vanity mirror instead.

It was very therapeutic.


  1. I've been doing a lot of that sort of thing too!

  2. If the state of one's bag truly reflects the state of one's mind, I am in serious trouble.

  3. I second Ali. And my bag even had the handles falling off.

    I think your necklace is gorgeous.

  4. "Has", not "had". Told you it was bad.

  5. Oh crumbs! My handbag is empty!!!!

  6. Tracy has converted you to the art of self-portraiture! And I think your bag looks very organized.

    K x


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