Tuesday, 22 February 2011

10 things

Ten things I'm loving this week:
  • Half-term lie-ins followed by long, lazy days at home, all of us pottering around quietly doing our own thing - busy but mellow.
  • The first bunch of daffodils of the season.
First daffs of the year
  • C selling some of his old trading cards on eBay to raise money to buy things for his new excitement - Warhammer. It clears his bedroom AND raises money.
  • The US version of the Moleskine website, where I can print out extra pages to stick in my diary and notebooks.  I'm particularly pleased with the 2011 Favourites pages - I can write lists of my favourite new dishes, books and places of 2011.  Found via Angry Chicken.
  • Cooking with my new Le Creuset shallow casserole dish - a very kind anniversary present from my mum.  Perfect for baked risottos, or thick bean stews finished off in the oven with a cheesy crumb topping. Yum.
Wonderful anniversary present
  • Two excellent books by Jane Robinson.  I've just finished Bluestockings, and am now on Unsuitable for Ladies.  They're both fascinating and very readable social histories.  Bluestockings is about women's fight for higher education in the UK, and Unsuitable for Ladies is an anthology of travel writing from early women travellers.  Both brilliant and higly recommended.
  • Sewing secret presents for yet more February birthdays. One has a spinach theme - oh yes.
  • The children tried on their walking boots, and THEY STILL FITTED!  We bought them last spring and last used them in Switzerland over the summer. I thought for sure I'd have to buy more, but apparently I did well last year and bought them with plenty of room for growth thick socks.
  • Tickets arriving for an evening of fun and feminism with the brilliant Sandi Toksvig and Sue Perkins at the Southbank next month.
  • The drawing, cutting, sticking and writing that goes on at her desk all day long.  It's what school holidays are made for.
Drawing at her desk


  1. I've been waiting for my JL vouchers to arrive so I can put them towards a shallow casserole... I've been desperate for one since Jamie used his like, all the time! Only trouble is, I can't decide which colour to get! To date, I have three colours in Le Creuset! Should I throw another into the mix or try and establish a bit of continuity?!

  2. Oh, I love Le Creuset. I have managed to kill two though (yes, it is possible if you try really, really hard) so I'm not sure I should be allowed another.

    But the thought of thick bean stews - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  3. Happy holidays. Thankyou for the moleskin link, I'm off to give it a go...

  4. Oh a good, good list. Love the sound of cheesy crumb topping! I've yet to take the plunge with a Le Creuset. I have a crush on their new turquoise range though. I might give birthday hints.

  5. We looked everywhere for you in Kew! Where were you hiding? You'll be pleased to hear we discussed the shallow casserole :)

    K x

  6. Love the daffodils, they look so full of Spring!

  7. My colleague's son is into Warhammer. You should be very, very scared.

  8. oooh what a lovely week. I have a pale blue le creuset. love it x


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