Saturday, 11 June 2011

An eclectic list of small happinesses

It is still the small things which are delighting me this week.
  • Progress - at last - from the Foreign Office, who have been slowly preparing important certificates for me and G, so that we can get married in France.  G's certificate is finally here, and mine is on its way.  The deadline for handing them in to the Mairie is next week, so I can breathe a little easier now.
Wedding preparations
  • By contrast, the officicial translators we've used have been a model of efficiency and speed.  We have to get all our birth certificates translated into French by a traducteur asserment√© (official translator) and we used Bond Street Translators, who have been incredibly quick and helpful.  Should you ever need anything official translating into French, these are your people.
  • C has been awaded Young Runner of the Year by our local Park Run, and we are so proud of him!  He came home from this morning's run with a big box of chocolates, a fancy certificate and a big grin on his face.
Cam's won an award!
  • The garden has had a proper drenching from the weird, stormy weather we've been having all week.  It really needed it, and now all my busy lizzies and geraniums are dazzlingly bright and producing new buds.
  • I made a cotton summer dress for one of O's friends, using the Japanese pattern book I blogged about here.  The fabric is what makes this dress so special - a metre length of printed cotton from Ikea.  Ikea always have a few properly stunning fabrics in stock, and if you live close to one it is well worth popping in regularly to see what you can find.  Many fabrics have print that is a little too big for dressmaking but every now and then you hit the jackpot, like with this bird one.
Girl's Japanese style dress in bird fabric
  • I saw photos of my nephews and niece having fun on holiday in Norfolk.  The picture of my 18 month old nephew looking very solemn, in a wetsuit, was too sweet for words.  He looks so much more a part of the family now that he is big enough to run around the beach with his older brother and sister.
  • I made fresh strawberry and vanilla muffins for brunch this morning.  They taste and smell of summer.
  • G has headed off to Snowdonia with his bike, wetsuit and other triathlon clobber for a half-ironman race tomorrow.  He's well rested, filled with carbs and optimistic for a good time and straightforward race.  Or at least he was until he saw the latest weather forecast.
  • While G is away, secret plans are afoot for Father's Day next week. Sshhh!


  1. That dress is just so pretty, and I really love how most of the green in the fabric print runs down one side. And the green bias trim - perfect!

  2. glad you are making progress with the certificates.
    I've often admired that fabric wondering what a dress would look in it! gorgeous xxx

  3. The muffins sound delicious - we have such a good strawberry crop this year that I will have to try that combination out!

    Pomona x

  4. I'm so glad that you mention dresses1 I am here expressly to discuss the very same! Does your weekend sewing tome have as versatile and seemingly accessible a pattern for a dress as it does for tops?? I have this strange whimsical notion that I too could make a dress. You make it all look so easy!

  5. How about these dresses on etsy? Or the sleepover dolls?!

  6. love those orange laces. And the fabric in the dress.


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