Monday, 20 June 2011

The rhythm of the week ~ Monday

Monday mornings have a reassuring rhythm to them. 

Patio pots

After the lovely, laid-back relaxation of the weekend, with all of us at home, reading, watching tv, listening to music, chatting and cooking...on Monday mornings the house suddenly empties as the children go back to school and G goes back to work.  The binmen come, which always feels appropriate - emptying the rubbish from the almost empty house, so that we can start the week afresh and fill up the bins again. 

I dash around the house  - motivated by the emptiness and quietness - tidying up the remains of the weekend. 

Monday morning is when I do the gardening.  The lawn is mown, the pots watered, the hens cleaned out, and the patio swept.  If the sun is shining I hang out the washing.  There is always G's sports kit drying on the line on a Monday morning.  Today there was a school dress too, because she got paint on it before she even left for school - surely some kind of record?

Monday morning washing

When the garden is tidy I come back inside and make my lists for the week: 
  • the menu plan
  • trips to the High Street that need to be made (the Post Office, bank, greengrocers and library this week)
  • paperwork that needs completing
  • sewing and knitting plans
This week I have also made a list of Good Things To Do With Eggs.  I have 19 eggs this morning and the hens are laying 3 more every day.

Egg crisis

This week we shall mostly be eating quiche, pancakes, chocolate cake and egg salad sandwiches.


  1. I am so very envious. I am having a quick break from work, but I know that all that stuff you have just done is waiting for me, and will continue to wait for me until I realise that I'll have to abandon half of it and do the rest in a rush.

  2. I love the idea of being organised and rhythmic about what needs to be done but I'm just NOT. And a lot of the time I end up feeling physically rather odd as a result.

    Mind you, I always wash the bathtowels on a Monday, maybe that counts!

  3. Nice to see that there are other Monday morning list-makers! My list-writing is usually happening about now, while the toddler is at nursery and the baby contemplating a nap in the sling.

  4. Perhaps I need a Monday rhythm - I just moon about, savouring the silence.

  5. Oh you are so organised!!! I am full of good ideas but I so easily get side tracked normal by the pooter or another cup of coffee!! However, after quite a good house tidy this morning I am about to write my HIT LIST of rooms/cupboards that desperately need gutting/tyding when they'll get done though....

  6. What a lot of lovely eggs! I wish I had a rhythm to my life but it seems to be lacking at the moment. I think I need to get back to my list-writing days so I can feel a sense of achievement on the days when I'm not at work.

  7. Eggs make a beautiful picture! Having such a collection of nice fresh eggs is a great way to start the week.

  8. I so wish I had Mondays at home to clear up from the weekend, then it wouldn't all still be sitting there on the next weekend! x

  9. That's just like me! I try to get all the weekly house worky things done on a Monday so I feel freed of them for the rest of the week and can be entirely self indulgent while Mr 3 is at pre-school.
    We just recently gave away our chickens, but regularly had 30-ish eggs sat in the fridge. It was just a shame that almost all the eggs we ate were less fresh than they could have been in the interests of first in, first out!

  10. I'm the same with eggs at the moment. I do like giving them to friends, they all rave about the nice freshness and yellow yolks, but even with gifts I still have over 20. Some nice puddings are in the offing. Lemon pond pudding uses 4.

  11. So many eggs! And once again so impressed with your organization and productivity!

    K x


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