Sunday, 26 June 2011

The rhythm of the week ~ Sunday

Sundays begin on Saturday evenings these days. 

The race bike comes down from its bed of blankets in the loft and is loaded with snickers bars and sports gels ready for a 6am start on Sunday morning.

Carbon in the garden

Ironman nutrition

With just four weeks until his ironman race, G is at absolute peak fitness and spends his Sundays out on a 6 or 7 hour bike ride followed immediately by an hour's run.  I am in awe that anyone can do this amount of exercise and still vaguely function at the end of it.

He comes back with odd tan marks (from cycling gloves paired with a sleeveless tri-suit), and sits contentedly in the garden, soaking up the evening sunshine and telling me how fast he cycled (very fast). 

Weird tan marks from the bike gloves

We're missing him while he's doing all this training, but so proud of him for all his hard work and dedication.  Only four weeks left.

Back from a day's cycling and running


  1. Am in awe. A fitness craze seems to have hit this household too with husband running and myself walking like crazy. What are these sports gels you speak of? Are they for external or internal use?

  2. My hat goes off to G. I would love to be able to run but couldnt run round the block without having a heart attack lol. I dont mind a bit of gentle cycling though. However, I know I am sooo unfit but cant seem to do anything about it. Hope his ironman challenge goes well xx

  3. Blimey. I need a lie down after just reading about it!

    And biking in the heat we've had today is surely above and beyond the call of duty ...

  4. wow, that is hugely impressive, seven hours on a bike??!
    It's been so hot today as well, I bet the poor boy's exhausted.
    Best of luck in the ironman G x

  5. Think I'm going to lie down next to Dottycookie!

  6. He must have melted in the heat today. Did you make his lounge pants? They look fab!

  7. If I kept my bike in the loft I would never ride it. Your man would wince if he saw where mine was stored.

  8. It's all I can do to wheel my bike out of the side alley and pop into town for some charity shopping. Maybe the occasional pootle along the coast for an hour, wheezing and puffing up gentle hills.

    And I deem that an adventure. :)

    Your man is amazing. I truly admire people who are so focused and dedicated and disciplined.

    He certainly looks utterly content in that photo.

  9. I admire his determination. I did a mini triathalon many years ago in the days when I used to run and it almost killed me... funnily enough it was the running bit that was worst of all.

  10. Oooh gosh. I'm feeling exhausted just thinking about it all! But he must have been dying in the heat this weekend... K x


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