Monday, 6 June 2011

Pancake skillet

I've had a few comments and questions on the skillet, which is sitting over the campfire in one of my photos in the last post.  It is called a muurikka, and you can buy them at specialist camping or outdoor shops, including here

Cath cooked us pancakes and bacon for breakfast on it.  You can see a video of her cooking pancakes, and get her pancake recipe, on her and Math's blog, here.

After breakfast
After the pancakes


  1. Oh I am emailing a link immediately to my friend who organises us into group camps!!

  2. Yes, Nordic Outdoor is who we ordered our muurikka from. We've used it for loads of stuff already, pork chops and apples, crispy gnocchi, pancakes and full english breakfasts. Initially I seasoned it with a hunk of pork fat, it's been great so far. Cath

  3. Always love reading about your camping adventures. I'd love to have a cooker like that. How cool! :) My dad has a running joke that he tells folks he can cook pancakes on the grill (literally, on the cross-pieces of a grill). People look at him (while he is totally straight-faced), amazed, asking him why it doesn't drip down into the coals. He says it's a trick to get just the right batter consistency. Ha. ;) He eventually sets the record straight.


  4. FANTASTIC. I'm onto it.


    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  5. wow those pancakes cook quick! off to check out the link I'm thinking a fathers day present idea


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