Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Exam day

Bee-yewtiful hair

  • sunshine
  • rain
  • hairspray
  • bags
  • hairpins
  • leotards
  • tea for the examiners
  • teenage helpers
  • final trips to the toilet
  • nerves
  • giggles
  • parents waiting to collect
  • photos
  • flowers
  • giggles
  • smiles
Beaming after her exam


  1. The best hairdo ever! And looks like all went really well :)

    K x

  2. Beautiful! x Glad it ended with giggles x

  3. Delightful ...love Jan xx

  4. Oh, her hair!

    Hope all went well.

  5. Did you do the hair? Wow! When my daughter was going through her ballet phase she had a short bob. I was simply amazed at how her teachers managed to create that do out of hardly any hair.

  6. Oh, she looks so lovely! This has made me remember how much I loved ballet (though not the exams!). Have 2small boys so my life is generally devoid of ballet. But i love a good list! Hope she did really well.

  7. Delightful! How lovely to know there were giggles too. xox


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