Friday, 29 July 2011


For so long, it seems, I've been making Grand Plans about all the complicated, indulgent and time-consuming things I was going to do once the ironman was over and family life wasn't dominated by G's training schedules.

But it turns out that its not about Grand Plans at all.  It's about the joy of going back to a more flexible, unstructured life with time to spare for the small things.

We sat in the garden together, early this morning before G went to work and while the children were still in bed, drinking coffee and listening to the chickens potter around.  A formation of geese flew overhead, so low that we could hear the swoosh of air from their wings.  I watched a caterpillar crawl up the lilac tree and we talked about books.

Early morning coffee in the garden


  1. special moments are often the unexpected ones x

  2. A lovely way to spend a morning. I fancy some of that hazelnut flavouring!

  3. It's the little things, eh?

  4. Sounds lovely, especially accompanied by coffee with flavoured syrup! I love maniacally achieving things when family schedule allows, but downtime is often under-rated and rather fab too.

  5. That sounds like a blissful start to the day! Lucy x


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