Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Fabric possibilities

Several people gave me fabric for my birthday.  I love how the fabric is all very 'me' but all so madly varied.  Do different relatives and friends really see such completely different sides of my personality?  What do these fabrics say about the way they see me...?

Definitely the maddest fabric I was given is this Brokeback Mountain inspired print by Alexander Henry.  I have wanted this fabric for the longest time, but could never justify buying it for myself as, well, it is just so very mad.  It is therefore a top present!

Birthday fabric - Alexander Henry

This selection of camp men camping are destined to be transformed into a large camping floor cushion, which is something I've been meaning to make for a long time.  A waterproof back and a madly exuberant camping print on the front will make a great cover for a large, square floor cushion.

I have a little longer to decide what to do with this glorious Mother Christmas fabric.

Birthday fabric

My Grandmother gave me a pile of plainer Christmas fabrics a few months ago, which teamed with this saucy 1950s style fabric might make a rather fabulous reversible Christmas apron.  I rather like the idea of stirring the gravy on Christmas day wearing something featuring these laydees!

This Amy Butler print just says summer skirt to me.  I love the 1970s Laura Ashley vibes it has going on and the mustardy tone of the colours.
Birthday fabric - Amy Butler

I have a big piece of this fabric, so once I've made a skirt there will be plenty left over for other projects.  It would look lovely as a bag or in a quilt, paired with some solid fabric in a sky blue shade.

These next two fabrics might end up as anything at all.
Birthday fabric

Birthday fabric - Tanya Whelan

The very pretty pink floral fabric could well end up in an item of clothing, because I love the colour pink and I love florals, and I wear a great deal of both.  But then it would also be delightful as a lining for a bag or a denim skirt, and it would make a great quilt fabric or a summery sunhat.  The geometric pattern would also be fun in a quilt - maybe as a  border because I'd enjoy hand quilting around those shapes.

I love all the possibilites that these fabrics inspire, and I shall continue to gaze at this pile of new fabrics sitting on my desk for a while before I make them into anything.

I'm embarking on the first version of my wedding dress this afternoon but it is unlikely that any of these fabrics will feature (except perhaps the pink floral one).  My patient Mum and Dad have taken my unconventional wedding plans with very good grace and humour so far, but turning up in a dress festooned with camp men camping, might just be a bit too weird.


  1. OOh there's nothing like a nice new pile of fabric!! I still have the fabric for the comfy pants. Just not had time to attempt them yet! Think teachers end of term might have to come first! x

  2. What a great selection :) Looking forward to see what your plans turn into...Naomi

  3. Lovely fabric - especially the camp men :-D. What's not to love about that?

  4. Wow, the Brokeback Mountain fabric is fantastic! I was eye-ing up the blue version of the bottom fabric in the John Lewis sale the other day but when I went back to get it someone else had beaten me to it.

  5. Hooray for fabric goodies. What a lovely haul! The camp men are hilarious and I love the Amy Butler too. Deciding what to make with a fabric stash is half the fun, I always think. Laura x

  6. I still haven't recovered from the camp men camping! K x

  7. Wow, what a great selection of fabrics! And me who cannot even get some funky fabrics suitable for my veranda-doors (I have it all in my head). Does anyone know some good shops for fabric online?
    Loving the camp men camping, but that goes without saying.
    Really like your blog too.

  8. Those campy dudes are a hoot! I had no idea fabric could be so fun :-).

  9. I Love the Amy Butler-would make an amazing skirt...!


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