Thursday, 21 July 2011

Strawberry notebooks

These are for the children's teachers.  Who doesn't love a nice notebook? 

Strawberry notebooks - presents for the children's teachers

The notebooks are from Muji.  They have thin card covers, and are crying out for decoration.  They would look beautiful with pen and ink drawings on them, but I cannot draw so I put fabric on them instead.

I first came across the idea of decorating notebooks with fabric in the excellent Last-Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson.  She uses a zigzag stitch to attach random shapes of scrap fabric to the smallest size of Moleskine cahiers.  I made some like this to give as Christmas presents a few years ago.

Pimp my Moleskine

I like the original ones, but this time I wanted a clearer design so I went for a simple, summery strawberry instead (strawberries being about the only thing I can successfully draw).  I cut out the facric, held it steady with a few dabs of glue stick, and then sewed it with a plain running stitch.

Strawberry notebook - end of year teacher's present

They are very satisfying to make, and have a low effort-to-prettiness ratio, which is always good at the end of a school term.

There is just one more day to go for us.  Just one more day.  I cannot wait.


  1. I did note books too!!! Great minds and all that!! :o) Very pretty x

  2. I always love a notebook! Last year the girls wrote "Thank you" signs and I took photos of them holding them and they stuck them onto notebooks and embellished to their heart's content.

    This year we went Fimo crazy. And I agree - 3pm tomorrow cannot come quickly enough.

  3. Love the strawberry notebooks (will remember for next year!).

    Last school night bedtime for weeks ... yippee ... but last time I say goodnight to two primary school boys :(

  4. As an ex-teacher I know what teachers really want is alcohol, so we've gone for a bottle of rosé.

    Seriously though, those notebooks are fab and I would have been delighted with one.

  5. genius plan. Far better and more original than boring chocolates. Am sure the teachers will love them.I remember the original cahiers-largely because mine is still in use!x

  6. really lovely, simple but effective!

  7. Clever you - they are ever so cute! And hooray for holidays.


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