Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Local Leyton parks

Walking through two of Leyton's parks this morning on my way to the library, it still felt more summery than autumnal.  The temperature hit 21 degrees again at lunchtime and only the colour of the leaves on the ground told me that we really, truly are in the middle of autumn.

Sidmouth Park in Leyton
Sidmouth Park, Leyton

Coronation Gardens, Leyton
Coronation Gardens, Leyton

Rosebuds in Coronation Gardens, Leyton
October rosebuds in Coronation Gardens, Leyton
Walking through the park
Autumn leaves in Leyton

I put my sandals away a week or two ago, but I was too hot in these trainers today.  Time to reapply the nail varnish I think.

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  1. no sandals required in the north, we are in wellie phase.....


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