Friday, 21 October 2011

Ten things

  • I went to Southwark yesterday, and with half an hour to spare before my meeting I stood by the river and watched the world go by.
  • Southwark Bridge
    St Paul's Cathedral in the sunshine
  • C turned twelve yesterday, and although he technically has another year to go, it feels like we have a teenager in the house now.  I feel ill-equipped to mother a teenager.  It reminds me of that moment twelve years and one day ago, when the midwives who had delivered him left about an hour after the birth, and I sat on my bed shouting silently after them "Don't go!  I don't know anything about babies!  I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M DOING!"
  • My Toast armwarmers featured on the Mollie Makes blog this morning, which was a lovely surprise.  But just look at the gloves at the top of the post!  I am going to make myself some more Toast and then embroider them - so lovely.
  • O turns nine tomorrow.  The birthday cake she has asked for is Death by Chocolate with a chocolate buttercream filling and a chocolate ganache topping.  With chocolate sprinkles.
  • The hens have started laying again - about bloody time as they've all been moulting, or broody, or both, since July.  And just in time too, as the Death by Chocolate cake requires a whopping 5 eggs.
  • I am continuing to try new versions of old favourites.  Today I made Sarah Raven's minestrone from her Garden Cookbook.  It uses red cabbage and red wine in place of the usual white wine and savoy cabbage.  I absolutely love how it tastes, but it looks a bit unnervingly purple.
  • Making minestrone
  • I want to make this ploughman's loaf.  The recipe is from Mary-Anne Boerman, who was one of the finalists on this year's Great British Bake Off.  I love that programme, and am mourning its passing for another year.
  • I am greatly enjoying The Archers spin-off show on Radio 4 Extra - Ambridge Extra.  I am so pleased the BBC decided to make a second series because I love hearing more of the younger characters, and revealing internal monologues that you don't get on the main show.
  • I am reading the new Ottobre children's pattern magazine, which dropped heavily onto the hall carpet yesterday.  I knew just from the thud that there was something exciting in the post.  I love the boys' blue shirt you can see in the fourth picture down, and O is excited that there is a pattern for a flannel-lined kimono dressing gown which will fit her.  I am enjoying dithering over which new Anna Maria Horner flannel should be purchased.
  • I found this beautiful necklace via the wonderful website Bookshelf Porn.  Don't be alarmed by the name - it is a website which posts daily photos of bookshelves you wish you owned.  Go forth and rummage - you'll love it.


  1. Loved the armwarmers photo! Your chickens have started laying just as mine have stopped but I don't have chocolate cake to make (5 eggs - wow) so it's OK. Totally agree about Archers Extra and I have enjoyed normal Archers this week too especially when Auntie Chris only needed David to make her a cup of tea with lots of sugar to get over Clive Horribin trauma :-)

  2. I was exactly the same after giving birth the first time! I remember getting home from the hospital and the baby bursting into tears, me bursting into tears, and probably Adam following not long behind.

    Death by chocolate sounds v exciting...

  3. mmmm that chocolate cake sounds good, worth every precious egg. and off to check out the ploughmans loaf, we too are missing GBBO...
    waiting to hear news of a friends immiment baby arrival, and feeling butterflies remembering how if felt. know exactly what you mean about the tears x

  4. Goodness, you touched on everything today!
    I miss London.
    I'm about to start knitting a new pair of armwarmers.
    I'm in shock at having had to send in the High School application form this week.
    My (ex)chickens have just started laying again after a summer off.

  5. I felt just the same after the birth of my first son - I was quite terrified at being left alone with him. I don't think it has scarred him for life, but being the oldest in my family, I do feel that perhaps the younger ones get a better deal!

    Pomona x

  6. That necklace is astonishing.

    Huge congratulations on your armwarmer triumph.

    I miss the GBBO too. There's still Downton though.

  7. Eldest was 11 yesterday. Eleven! I know how you feel.


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