Sunday, 9 October 2011


I find it is much harder to maintain perspective on annoying days, tough days, delightful days and challenging days, now that I am not working.  My working life got me out of the house, doing something different each day and seeing different things in the shops and the streets where I worked.  Being at home all day, sewing, knitting, writing and spending time with the children, has been much more satisfying and fulfilling than work was for me, but it does leave me with a regrettable tendency to navel-gaze.

The best way to step back, get some perspective on those 'annoyances' that actually barely qualify to be termed 'minor inconveniences', is to spend a day with friends and leave the care of the home and children to your husband for the day.

I had such a good time with my friends that I didn't take any pictures of the Power of Making exhibition at the V&A (I was too busy freaking out about the cake designed to look like a naked newborn baby, and admiring the knitting needles the size of tent poles).  Nor did I take any pictures while we were window-shopping in the Liberty haberdashery department.

We marched with purpose through Soho to Gordon's Wine Bar at Charing Cross and I didn't take any photos there either because I was too busy chatting to everybody, drinking a welcome glass or two of wine, and scoffing delicious cheese.

You might have thought I'd have managed to take some photos at the tapas bar on Goodge Street later that evening, but no.  The patatas bravas needed to be eaten and we were having a wine-fuelled conversation about feminism and motherhood.

I came home barely able to remember the things that had made me so cross at the start of the day.  And this morning, after a cup of tea which put back some of what all that wine took out, I found that G had not just spent the day doing all the household jobs I normally would have done, but he had also bought me flowers.

Flowers on my desk from G
Flowers from G on my desk

Flowers on the mantelpiece from G
Flowers from G on the mantelpiece

I need to get out more.


With many thanks to Naomi, Sophie, Noni, Cath, Michelle and Liz for the laughs and for giving me back my perspective.


  1. Oh how lovely xxx (he's a goodun')

  2. Hmm. Fairly obvious that we were in Soho and Liberty yesterday too..ridiculous.
    Your day sounds fabulous!x

  3. I love Gordons wine bar. Promise me that you will meet me there one of these fine days?

  4. Sounds like a fabulous day and the flowers - lucky you! I think you should get out more!!

  5. I bet you are glad you married him now- and they are not from the local garage!

  6. lovely treat at the end of a lovely day x

  7. This post really put a smile on my face. :) And love the photo of you in the reflection; how much you and O look alike (how you can see just a tad of her photo in the foreground! :)



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