Saturday, 7 April 2012

All things old

Some buildings here are very old and in ruins.

Ruin in the forest
A ruined house at La Garouillade

Ruin, on the mountain top above Varen
Ruins at La Garouillade

Other buildings are very old, but still inhabited and used.

Old houses in Varen
Old houses in Varen

The Mairie at Varen
The 14thC Mairie at Varen

Walking through Bruniquel
Walking through the cobbled streets of Bruniquel

A corner of Bruniquel Castle
Bruniquel Castle

There are ancient walking signs, and very old cauldrons recycled as plant pots.

Old walking sign in the middle of the forest
Ancient walking sign

Cauldron planter
Plant pot in Varen

Everything here is aged - and after a walk up and down one of the mountains, my legs feel pretty ancient as well.

Hot and tired, on the plateau above Varen


  1. ive only been to France for a few hours. hope to camp there in the next few years. but i know ill come home pounds heavier what a nice place to go for easter rach x

  2. I love it when you are in France. I can smell the boulangerie from the comfort of my sofa. Have a wonderful break.


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