Sunday, 15 April 2012

Seen on the ferry

P&O, Calais to Dover

Arriving back at Dover
The White Cliffs of Dover, seen from the ferry
  • A tired Dad making a cosy nest on the floor for his wriggly toddler, out of coats and a beloved blanket.
  • Two teenage French girls tucking into a breakfast feast of ham baguettes, boxes of salad, cheese and crackers, pains au chocolats and Evian water.
  • A middle-aged man with a sun tan, sitting next to the window and working his way steadily through a wordsearch book.
  • An extremely pregnant Dutch lady buying five different bottles of perfune in Duty Free.
  • A rather harassed looking school teacher trying (and failing) to round up a class of Year 7s wearing matching purple hoodies with Ski Trip Austria emblazoned across the back.
  • A woman in pyjamas and a slouchy woolly hat telling everyone how seasick she felt.
  • A grandfather saying to his grandson, "Everything's all right now I've got my Sunday Times."
Waiting to disembark at Dover
Waiting to drive off the ferry and back into England


  1. Great post I love your observations -you'd be great to sit in a cafe with to 'people watch'. Do you do that and speculate about what jobs they do, are they married etc. etc.

  2. Lovely. I'm surprised anyone has time to fell seasick on such a short crossing.

  3. Welcome home! I would be that seasick woman but without the pyjamas and woolly hat.


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