Thursday, 5 April 2012

Spring jobs

South-West France in springtime is lush and rampant. 

New growth

Plum blossom

Field of dandelions

Moss on the roof

We have been helping my parents clear up the dead autumn leaves and stalks, and get everything neat and tidy for spring.

Graham and Mum loading the bonfire

Mum sweeping leaves

Dad sorting out the wisteria

We raked, swept, tidied, lifted, wheeled barrows, dug, sorted and carried.  We burnt probably 40 barrow loads of leaves on a big bonfire.

Graham raking leaves

Meanwhile, C has been baking again - he made us an enormous black forest gateau from the Hairy Bikers Bakeation book, which was just the thing to put back some of the calories we had worked off in the garden.

Cam's Black Forest Gateau


  1. Oh WOW!!!!! I LOVE Black forest!! I'm going to have to put Megan to work right away to bake something as impressive as that! How fantastic! Looks like you're having a wonderful time xxx

  2. Isn't that the most fun kind of spring cleaning?

    And your boy bakes a mean gateau.

  3. Oh gosh you've been busy! Hoping to get some work done on the allotment this weekend, though we're no longer allowed bonfires (last weekend was the last chance). And I love those first two photos :)

    K x

  4. Oh my THAT cake... Your blog is bad for my waist!

  5. my boy just eat cakes he is 12. he would of eat it before it was in the oven!! xx

  6. Lordy. That does look like a fantastic cake.

  7. Blimey, that cake looks good. I need to introduce C to Tiny Small - she has just made a fantastic concoction she calls Fountain Cake that looked so enticing we all rejected my homely rhubarb crumble in favour of a bowful of sugary pud - yum!


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