Sunday, 9 September 2012

Blackberry hunting

We had to search very hard indeed  just to find this paltry amount of teeny-tiny blackberries in Epping Forest today.  The weird weather this year has not suited the blackberries.

A very poor year for blackberries

The sun is HOT here right now - it has been nudging 30 degrees for the last few days - and Epping Forest did at least provide plenty of shade this morning while we foraged for our berries.

Dappled sun in Epping Forest
Searching for blackberries

September skies in Epping Forest
I think we've gathered just enough for a crumble, if I bulk it out with the apples from the fruit bowl too.  There won't be enough for blackberry jam, though, which is a great sadness.


  1. My cultivated blackberry is only producing teeny berries too. I'm picking a handful every other day and freezing them until there are enough to make something. No jam here either, but then I am well supplied with jam.

  2. Funny you should say that - I'm in Suffolk/Norfolk and we have loads of blackberries this year - we always have a lot anyway, living in the country, but this year we seem to have lots more. I put it down to the weird weather ;-)


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