Monday, 24 September 2012

Seen on the tube

Central Line - South Woodford to Mile End

  • A husband and wife, both tired and sleepy.  Him with his arm around her shoulders, drawing her closer; she picking lint off the knee of his trousers.
  • A young lady with long purple fingernails, reading a Kindle in a purple suede cover, and with a purple handbag tucked tidily between her feet.
  • A pregnant woman in a suit eating her way determinedly through three apricot cereal bars.
  • A woman with wet hair frowning in concentration at the oven manual she was reading.
  • A young man in a beautifully tailored charcoal grey suit, with chunky rings on every finger.
On top of the tube
On top of the tube at South Woodford


  1. I love these posts!! Hope things are going well for you and you are all adapting to the exciting changes xxx

  2. Fabulous as always Nurse Nancy. There's a novel in that tube train.

  3. When I was of the tube last week, I saw a woman ib full burqa and hijab with the fab funky ring on her middle finger. Made me wonder what she had underneath her outerwear....

  4. Glad you still have time to watch and don't have to read anatomy books all journey long!

  5. What are you doing on top of the train?

  6. Love your lists and always wish I was more observant :-)

  7. an oven manual? perhaps she had a posh dinner to cook and realised she didn't know how to turn it on!


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