Friday, 2 November 2012

Happy and lucky

As a Friday treat I left my flask at home and bought myself a cup of coffee when I got to the campus early this morning.  I settled into a window seat, with a view over the square (the same square I ate my breakfast in during the first few weeks of term), plugged myself into my iPod (listening to this, which always reminds me of lying in the sunshine at summer festivals) and finished off a piece of work.

Breakfast view - inside
Breakfast view - outside
And as I sat there - with beautiful music, a glorious view, a hot cup of coffee and interesting work - I thought how very lucky I am to be this happy at 8:30 on a Friday morning in November.


  1. look at that lovely view! I do love Autumn, crisp leaves hot coffee and thick tights! Bliss x

  2. I am so pleased that it is living up to expectations - you really seem to have managed the transition back to student well.

  3. A good start to the day with a very autumnal view. Glad it's all going so well.


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