Monday, 19 November 2012

Embracing autumn

It's my very favourite time of year, but this time round I've barely been outside to enjoy it.  This weekend I fixed that, and headed out with Graham early on Sunday morning for a brisk walk through Epping Forest.

Autumn colours in Epping Forest
The colours, the wind, the chill, the colours, the damp smells, the leaves, the colours - they're all still there.

Autumn leaves in Epping Forest
I breathed deeply, turned my face towards the sky and my camera towards the colours.
Sunrise in Epping Forest
I came back home and knit a few more rows of my autumn hurricane hat.  Then without realising it, the hat was finished.  I feel like this hat knitted itself without me really noticing.  Surely the sign of a good pattern?
Autumn hurricane hat

This means I now need to go back to the forest and photograph my hat (and my autumnal scarf) amongst the leaves.  Maybe this weekend.  Autumn's nearly over, and I've barely noticed it.


  1. oooh, Orla K scarf, I have mass envy! tis a beautiful hat as well.

  2. Oooh super hat! And very autumnal. I do miss our Kew visits. K xx

  3. Super hat and scarf combination. I'd love to knit that hat but have too many in a similiar style and they do not suit me!

  4. The perfect autumn hat - love the spirally bit.

  5. oh yes, a hat photo shoot with matching beech leaves is a must!

  6. It was a fab day for walking in the woods on sunday - we did too. Your hat looks great, especially with the scarf - perfect autumn attire.

  7. Have already told you how much I love your hat - I'm glad it has seen some autumn action!

  8. Excellent hat, and won't you send some of that sunlight our way?


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