Friday, 9 November 2012

The next step

The first term's teaching is finished, and we have covered what the undergraduates cover in their first year in just seven weeks.  Yes, really.

Caroline Bowen in Nurse's Uniform by Roy L. Parsons
I am reeling, tired, thrilled, motivated, emotional and overwhelmed all at the same time.  I'm also in the middle of another essay.

Joan Saxton, by Frank Cadogan Cowper

I now have my uniform and am about to embark on a four month placement of actual nursing.  The first little bit in mock wards at the University, and then on real wards, with real people, in a real hospital.

Nurse at work, unknown artist

My uniform is not as elegant as the ones in these paintings.  I don't think any of the uniforms in these paintings are made from nylon.

Portrait of a Nurse, by Eric Meadus

Nor do I feel as serene as these nurses appear to be.  I flip between being incredibly excited and incredibly nervous, several times a minute.

Nurse Ellis, by Beryl Trist Newman

But I have already made some wonderful friends on the course, and I know that they all have the same jumble of feelings that I do.  Once we're wearing those uniforms, and walking through those hospitals, we're going to start to feel like nurses.  That's going to be quite something.

Nurse giving an injection of penicilin, by Henry Marvell Carr

All these pictures are from the wonderful Your Paintings website.


  1. Enjoy!! Am sure you will be fine xx

  2. Nurse Nancy you will be MARVELLOUS. The patients and staff will love you and you will be super duper.You've had just seven weeks to learn all that stuff? Bonkers.No wonder you're shattered!x

  3. have a wonderful time on your placement, you'll be great x

  4. Proper nursey stuff -so exciting! Good luck, I'm sure you'll be a fabulous nurse Nancy.

  5. Carry On Nursey ; )
    Where are you going on your first placement? Anywhere exciting?!

  6. That's wonderful,I think the sooner you are on the wards the better....hands on and all that. That's what happened 'when I was training all those years ago'
    May I ask though, what are you if not an undergrad?
    You'll love it, big breath and smile
    Take care

  7. What a time it is for you. Did you really fit all that work into the last few weeks? Mind boggling. I'm thinking of you - hoping it is all going well x


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