Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Joyful with jersey

Yesterday Miss Moss Stitch and I dropped the children at school very promptly and whisked ourselves off to Clapham in South London to visit a shop called Fabrics Galore.  It doesn't sell online, so if you want to find out what sort of things it stocks you need to visit in person.  But really I can't imagine any circumstance where that would be a problem, because I have now renamed this shop The Best Fabric Shop In The World Ever

We spent nearly two and a half hours in there, and came away with firm plans to visit again in a couple of weeks' time because we had not really had time to look at everything properly.

I went to buy jersey fabrics, and I came away with loads.  Their selection was incredible - and included several Liberty jerseys - I had no idea that Liberty even made jersey fabrics.

I've never sewn with jersey before, but I now know that there is absolutely no reason to hesitate.  The mock overlock stitch on my sewing machine works brilliantly and I also have settings for twin needle stitches, three-stitch zigzag, knit stitch and honeycomb stitch - all of which are perfect for jersey fabrics.  I am not yearning for a serger at the moment.

I came home from Clapham, unwrapped my wonderful parcel of fabrics, and started cutting right away.  In a couple of hours yesterday evening I traced round a long jersey camisole I have, which fits me really well, cut out the fabric, stitched it all together and wore it to bed last night.  How awesome is that!

I love this Milly-Molly-Mandy style pink-and-white jersey.  It is very soft, bright, cost just £4 per metre, and is glorious to sew with.  I have over a metre of it left, and am planning on making some pyjamas for O with the rest of it. 

And then there are two other jersey fabrics waiting on my desk for me to transform into tops and camisoles.

Oooh, and some brushed cottons....

And some shirt fabrics....

No time to write more now.  There is sewing to be done!


  1. Of course there is no time to blog when you have all that lovely material to sew ,your Milly Molly Mandy stripe is gorgeous (Love M.M.M) My Granddaughter and I have her books ...dying to see what else you make ...love Jan xx

  2. oooh gorgeous. sew sew sew, I need to see more xxx
    and if you have time stop by and visit, I'm having a giveaway

  3. Oooh, lovely, lovely - paired with some snuggly flannel PJ bottoms I could see tis becoming a new trend!

  4. Sounds like the most wonderful shop. Liberty jersey! And I can't believe you whipped up such a fabby camisole so quickly!

    K x

  5. You clever girl! what a great day out. I may have to stick with sewing in straight lines with plain cotton for a while yet though...
    I love the milly molly mandy striped fabric too.x

  6. I've been meaning to cross the river to visit this shop for ages! You may have given me the extra nudge I've been needing... hmmm, perhaps I should leave it til after Christmas now...

  7. That's the perfect pj cami but also lovely under a cardi for the summer. How brilliant!

    Really? Liberty jerseys?

  8. Oh lawks, that red stripe is gorgeous. I have been meaning to revisit Fabrics Galore for ages and you may just have pushed me over the edge. x


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