Saturday, 20 November 2010

Two Clothkits skirts

I finished my week of wardrobe improvements by making two Clothkits skirts, which have been sitting on my shelves ready to make for an embarrasingly long time.

First was this kit for a skirt for me, which my sister gave me last year.  Shame on me.  I wish I hadn't waited so long to make it because it is beautiful, and I know I will wear it constantly this winter.

Yes, more grainy photos - because the light is not good this morning and I am teetering on a chair again.

The skirt is made from a very good quality babycord, in a rich shade of deep purple.  The babycord is lovely to sew with - and behaves so well after the slinkiness of jersey.  The skirt has babycord facings and a beautiful Liberty cotton poplin lining, and it fastens with a zip at the back. 

The best bit about it though is the fit.  I made my usual dress size without spending any time closely checking the exact measurements as I normally would when dressmaking.  And happily my casual enthusiasm did not backfire. 

It fits perfectly on the waist and hips and is exactly the right length.  I wanted it to come just above my knees and because I am very tall I was a little concerned that it may have come out too short.  Although they are easily shortened, there is no way with Clothkits skirts to make them longer, because the cutting lines are pre-printed on them and will show up if you make them longer than they are meant to be.  However, it was not a problem as I made it with the minimum hem possible and it came out exactly right.

Liberty poplin lining with the deep purple babycord - gorgeous

Next up was a skirt for O, who I think has inherited my height and is growing like a weed at the moment.  She loves skirts and is wearing them shorter and shorter as she grows out of everything in her cupboard.  Things were getting indecent, so rather than have any more conversations about what skirt length we agreed was suitable, I thought I should just make her something longer.

Crumpled after being stuffed higgledy-piggledy into her drawer

I made her this doves and cherries skirt, cutting out the age 10 size and adjusting the elastic at the waist to be a bit tighter and fit her properly - she's only just turned 8 and has a 10 year old's height with an 8 year old's waist.  It comes to just below her knees so looks fine now and will still look good (and not too indecent) for another year or two I hope.

The doves and cherries print is charming without being too girly, and again it is made from a very good quality babycord.  Since I bought the kit (last year again - ahem), Clothkits have brought out a purple version which I think I prefer to this blue-green one.  But no matter, because O approves, and it has just the right amount of twirliness to keep an 8 year old happy.

Waistband detail - "very well made in England"

We have a delightfully blank weekend stretching out in front of us, so I am continuing with the sewing (in between cooking up a feast from this fabulous book which O was given for her birthday). 

I have a custom order to make for the shop (very exciting - my first custom order, all the way from Florida!) and more jersey t-shirts to go with both these skirts.  Stay tuned for more outfits next week!


  1. Beautiful! I've got one of the Rob Ryan ones waiting for me.

    Love your cardigan too.

  2. Both skirts are absolutely delightful ,and your top goes with your skirt so well it is like the one the model is wearing was that cloth kits too ,or did you make it yourself ? Jan xx

  3. Both skirts are lovely and the jersey one as well. I'm very impressed that you always have perfectly matching tights for each new skirt - how very organised!

  4. Don't forget to breathe, will you?!x

  5. Fabulous colors and prints for both skirts! C is a fan of skirts too, and wears them from the time they are floor length to tutu height if she can. Which she can if they are mere decoration over leggings ;-).

  6. I can't decide whether I like the skirts best, or these aerial views of your living room! Maybe I'll just not bother deciding and enjoy the whole. This sewing you create, really. I love it!

  7. I have seen that skirt on the Clothkits website and loved it. Yours is fantastic.

  8. Both skirts look lovely but the pattern on yours is particularly gorgeous.

  9. Your productivity is putting me to shame! I still have a Clothkits skirt kit I ordered in the Valentines Day Sale waiting to be made up. Eeek. Both of yours look fab. And I love the lining!

    K x

  10. I have a Rob Ryan one from the sale last year still waiting for me... oh the shame of it.

  11. Lovely skirts. I made a few Clothkit kits when my children were small and they always turned out really well.

  12. Ooh both are really lovely. I rather wish there was an adult pattern for O's skirt too.


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