Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Splash of colour - November

The autumn colours in our part of East London are incredible this year.  The small part of Epping Forest that I drive past on the way to school each morning, has me exclaiming every day.  And there is one road which is lined with small trees of such vivid orange and flame-red, that even the children are moved to admire.

In our own garden, the cherry tree has put on quite a display for us; but the show is nearly over and I have much raking and bagging up to do if I want the grass to survive the winter.

The best splash of colour however, is to be found indoors, where I am baking little vanilla fairy cakes today.  They are cooling on their rack in front of the toaster and later will be topped with pale pink, rose-scented icing and some pink sprinkles.  Because sometimes little, simple girly cakes are just what's needed.

This post is for Emma's inspired Splash of Colour project which you can read about here, and then go and admire everyone else's November contributions in the Flickr pool here.


  1. I'm thrilled that you've joined in and I agree about colour indoors - I've just been looking at the girls' toys and thinking they're seriously vibrant.

  2. I loved the picture of the leaves on your lawn ,what a shame to think, if they are left they will turn all brown and mushy ..love Jan xx

  3. Gorgeous colors! Our cherry trees on the allotment have put on quite a show this year, too. K x

  4. Don't the cakes look great, in front of the toaster? Doubly delicious!

  5. We've got some fantastic autumn colour here too. The cakes sounded delicious, are there any left?


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