Thursday, 25 November 2010

Spurred on

Sometimes I find that my mojo's floated off to somewhere with a warmer climate and I'm left feeling a rather flat and indecisive.

The past few weeks have felt a little like that. Maybe I left my mojo behind in Fabrics Galore?  But yesterday I had a day that left me feeling quite restored, and that has spurred me on to put some plans into action.

I met up with Dragonfly at Kew Gardens, on a gloriously cold and sunny morning, and we wandered around for hours, chatting about goodness-knows-what and pausing every now and then to stop and take photos.

Now is the time of year to go and admire the berries at Kew Gardens.  We saw big ones, small ones, red ones, yellow ones, even bright purple ones.  Juicy ones, curranty ones, exotic ones and home-grown ones.

Walking around Kew Gardens I was reminded again of how much I love to walk, and of how little I actually do, unless I am on holiday.  Walking clears my head, sets me thinking, and fills me with endorphins.  I have the time, and I love to do it, so goodness me - why aren't I doing more of it? 

So I have resolved to try and do one long, solitary walk each week for the next few months.  And on the way back home, as the train skirted the Olympic Park and I looked up from my book, I saw this:

The main Olympic stadium - finished outside and now being fitted out with its seats.  And then this:

The Aquatic Centre, where I want to get tickets to see some of the swimming and diving in 2012. 

What better place to do my first walk than around the Olympic Park?  I'm thinking I'll try and walk as much of the local section of The Greenway as I can manage in the school day, and call in at The View Tube on the way for a coffee and to take some more Olympic photos.

I will wear my walking boots next week though - this time of year is muddier than I had realised.

And so I returned home from a really lovely day out with my lungs full of fresh air, plans for a new walk, and also a little paper bag containing this Japanese sewing book.  Because as well as a day out at Kew Gardens, Tracy also introduced me to the delights of Kew's very own fabric shop, Tikki Quilt and Patchwork.  I know.  A newly discovered fabric shop, AND one that sells Japanese craft books. 

Someone who introduces you to a place like that is a friend indeed.  Thank you, Tracy!


  1. oh lovely, what a great day out xxx need boots here too!

  2. A rejuvenating day sounds just the ticket!

  3. Oh, how lovely. I keep meaning to try tp get to Kew with Tracy (and Kristina!) but somehow it is just that bit too far to do in a schoolday trip from Cambridge.

    I have dug out my hiking boots for the daily dog walks - not my dog, but I walk with other mums from the school. It certainly has been muddy!

  4. I'm so sorry I missed it. It sounds like you had the most marvellous time!

    And I think we need some of those purple berries on the allotment--would definitely cheer up our muddy plot.

    K x

  5. I had such a lovely day too! Not had time to post about it yet, but I think there is definitely a need for more purple berry photos in the blogosphere!

    So glad you liked Tikki - double the reason to go to Kew ;)


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