Monday, 20 December 2010


So sad not to be eating up his Granny's mince pies, but more than ever in need of one to lift his spirits, he decided to make his own.

He made 24, but needed to make sure they were of a standard worthy of his Granny, so he subjected one to Quality Control.  Chef's privelege.

O busied herself with Hama beads.

And I wrapped presents and then ventured out in the snow to put more straw in the eglu.  Although I've had them so many years, I still can't quite believe that the chickens will be okay in these icy temperatures.  But they are absolutely fine. Beatrice is even still laying me an egg most days.

And I stopped to admire the ivy hedge, weighed down with snow, glittering in the sunshine.


  1. Snow seems to be scuppering many a plan. Stay warm!

  2. Sounds like you're making the most of Christmas at home. And those mince pies look top notch! K x

  3. It is a shame that your plans have been spoilt by the snow. Your stay at home alternative is looking very Christmas-y too.

  4. Those mince pies certainly look the part. If the post wasn't soooooo slow at the moment I would ask for one to complete full testing. Have a lovely Christmas, and best wishes to your hard working chickens.

  5. Mince pies look amazing, tell C he can have work experience at the caff any time he likes!x


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