Thursday, 23 December 2010

Photos of our Christmas - part III

Christmas holidays require some sort of baking I think.  It doesn't matter what you are baking, because the important thing is that the house is filled with the warm, sugary aroma of sugar-and-butter alchemy that makes you feel snug, tucked up and loved.

This morning C baked some mincemeat flapjacks, that just made the whole house smell incredible.

And they taste incredibly good, too.

I was baking as well.  I made some quick chocolate cupcakes, gave them thick cream cheese icing and then decorated them with my little Christmas tree sprinkles (these are Christmas trees of which I definitely approve!).

The buns are deeply chocolatey, yet light and soft in the middle.  The recipe comes from Domestic Goddess, because I don't think anyone gets more chocolatey than Nigella.

And because we can't just live on a diet of cake, I have also filled the house with another food which just smells of the essence of Christmas.  Clementines - small, sweet and demolished at a truly astonishing rate by us all, as we each grab one whenever we walk past the bowl.


  1. They look lovely - can I ask where you got the recipe for the flapjacks from - thank you xx

  2. Yum, yum. Our house is full of biscuits from a little person's party last weekend (possibly the source of the revolting fluey bug that's keeping us housebound) and leftover over Toblerone fondue - a Nigella recipe that's every bit as wicked as it sounds.

  3. Ali, Blogger doesn't show an email address for you. But if you email me directly (my email is near the top right hand side of the blog) I'll send it to you! Nancy x

  4. oooh can I have the flapjack recipe too xxxx

  5. So much lovely baking! I've fallen rather behind this year.

    Best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    K x


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