Saturday, 11 December 2010

Splash of colour - December

For this month's Splash of Colour there could only be one photo - my newly re-arranged shelves of tea.

Instead of a meddly of boxes shoved higgeldy-piggeldy at the back of one of our deep shelves - behind egg cups, water bottles, flasks, teaspoons, jars of hot chocolate and packets of yeast - we now have two tea and coffee shelves, right above the kettle and the coffee machine.

I just love how all these boxes look together - matching and yet not.  If you'd like to see more clearly what's in each box, go and look at this photo over on Flickr, where I have added a whole pile of explanatory notes.


  1. Now, that is impressive! I knock over my pot of vitamins everytime I get a teabag!

  2. Right, pop the kettle on, I'm coming over. Yum!

  3. Heehee-when I first saw the photo I thought it might be our teashelves from the cafe!! I have kilner jars full of them with individual labels on the front for all the customers to see-but I am running out of jars so there ar fancy boxes lumped along the top row as all looks very familiar!xx

  4. This photo is seriously satisfying - rearranging and reordering things is sometimes even better than a cuppa isn't it?

  5. I'm not showing my beverage cupboard - it's not good. Feel a spot of organizing coming on...


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