Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Photos of our Christmas - part I

To mark the darkest day of the year, I cut some evergreens when I went outside to feed the chickens this morning.

Now we have ivy on the mantelpiece.

And vividly scented, vividly coloured stems from the mock-orange bush (Philadelphus) on the table.

From now until Christmas Eve I will be sharing, each day, a few photos of what Christmas is like in our house.  Cake and board games may feature quite heavily.


  1. The Philadelphus is stunning. That's actually G's favorite plant! K x

  2. Ok, I need a Philadelphus in my life, especially if it smells of oranges. Yum! perfect Christmas plant!x

  3. oh yes, card games are a must this time of the year. We're having some fierce UNO games (modified the rules a bit to make it even more annoying) at the moment...

    Merry Christmas

  4. not found your blog before, love the pix..hope your Christmas was fun! Lizzie


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