Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Photos of our Christmas - part II

It turns out that today was all about the games.  I listened to Chopin and sewed all morning with the promise that I would then play games with the children all afternoon.

In between ironing seams, I taught O how to play Patience.  She is the sort of child (as I was) who could quite happily sit and play Patience quietly by herself for hours - even days - on end.  It is a game that makes me think of my Grandpa, who loved it too and who taught it to me when I was about O's age. 

Then when I had finished sewing we all embarked on a raucous game of Settlers of Catan.  This is possibly my favourite board game of all time and over the years I have bought it for pretty much everyone I know, I am so in love with it.  I bought it from this fantastic games shop  which has been a great source of inspiration over the years, but I see you can also now buy it from Amazon.  You need three or more players, but it is very straightforward for anyone about seven or older, so a perfect family game.

This is Cam battling very hard, right before I beat him with one move to spare!

And then when I went off to make well earned cups of tea for everyone, the children got out Pass the Pigs.

I find it very disconcerting that my children love this game so much, becuase I first learnt to play it at university, where it was the ultimate drinking game.  Different piggy combinations resulted in different swigs of drinks being knocked back.  Am I sharing too much?  The children just think the pigs are cute and like the idea of throwing them about and filling in the scorepad.

Other favourite games around here at the moment are:
  • Scrabble - C was given it for his birthday, and he and O love it as much as I love Settlers of Catan.
  • Carcassonne - O's favourite and another great discovery from Green Knight Games.
  • Magic The Gathering - G and I have loved this for years.  We taught C when he was about seven, and I really need to teach O as well now.  It is a staple of camping trips and long train journeys, as it is so transportable.
  • Uno and Happy Families - these were hot favourites while we were in France over the summer, but I am sure they will be putting in an appearance over Christmas as well.
What are your favourite board and card games?  Do you love playing games over the holidays, or do they fill you with festive dread?


  1. We're in the middle of a Backgammon phase, but I bought Yahtzee as a Christmas present for the boys too - hoping they'll take to it.

  2. Most definitely Uno, my sisters and I got obsessed with it one family holiday. I also love Monopoly.

  3. my god you guys are cool...I am quite keen to try Mah Jong-have you ever played?
    I like Yahtzee like Ali, and Boggle was always a fave too. Haven't got a huge games selection but maybe I should make further investigations!

  4. Pass The Pigs is a big hit here too. I love Scrabble and Boggle too though both of which I play with the computer when no-one else is around

  5. Hmm I dont mind playing some games but others like cluedo/monopoly I do find other jobs to do - cough - I bought my eldest uno a couple of birthdays ago the one with the machine but I must confess not playing it we unfold the instructions we just loose the will to live and nobody can understand the instructions!!

  6. Favorite games: 1) Uno, 2) Sorry (American), and 3) Monopoly.

    I also love Trivial Pursuit, but can't play it here, as I can't answer the questions in the British version and my husband can't answer the questions in the American version!

    K x

  7. We love Uno too, also Go Fish is a good one to play with a regular pack of cards. As for board games, I think Blockus is our favourite.

  8. Oooh, that's a great list of games to try. I bet mine would love Pass the Pigs. In fact we may have a student set left over somewhere. We're playing a lot of Bendomino here at the minute which works for very small people as well as devious adults.

    We're just starting to get into board games - well, we've played those mind numbing "Trip to the Shops" and "Party Party" boardgames ad infinitum but even the girls are fed up with those now.

  9. Settlers is our favourite game since I got it for Christmas last year! Bought Dominion for friends who are Settlers and Carcasonne fans and are off to play that NYEve. Really looking forward to it. Have never played Pass the Pigs and now off to see about getting it!!


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