Tuesday, 29 November 2011

A baby's cosy red bag

Another reason that I loved the Handball at the weekend, was that it provided me with four uninterrupted hours of knitting.  Despite very strict security procedures I successfully smuggled in my knitting (wooden needles don't get picked up by metal scanners, and dpns look just like pencils on the x-ray machines...), and I managed to finish off all but the last centimetre of this red baby kicking bag, while I was cheering on the Angolan team.

Miss Bourke's cosy red kicking bag

This one is destined for my sister's new baby - a little girl - who is due early in 2012.  She will be a winter baby and will surely appreciate a little sleeping bag to snuggle up in.

I've knitted this pattern twice before.  Here are two of my nephews modelling theirs.

Ben, just a couple of days old, snuggled up in his kicking bag

Leo modelling his kicking bag

Aren't they snuggly?  This is such a great pattern - simple to knit, and practical to receive.  It is a free pattern - you can download the details and see other people's versions of it here.

I do so love finishing knitting projects.  Mainly because it gives me license to start something new.  I have a second sock to finish for C before Christmas, but I think I should also have something else on the needles too.

Maybe some baby mittens to match this kicking bag?  Maybe a new shawl for me?  Maybe some armwarmers for O?  Maybe all three!


  1. I could do with one of those.

  2. Oh, they look so gorgeously snuggable! (Must not get broody)

  3. ooh, how snuggly and splendid. Is it wrong to want an adult sized one? (err, probably, yes)A giant knitted sleeping bag. Am sure someone somewhere must have knitted one!x

  4. What a great idea for watching a game. I bet other knitters were watching you thinking, now why didn't I think of that!

  5. I don't know what's more beautiful. The bags? The babies? OK the babies win but those kick bags are really lovely.

    And it's no good trying to not get broody because lately I've been dreaming about babies - newborn babies - it's driving me bonkers as no way am I at 45, having another one.

    Also meant to comment about the handball the other day - my eldest son, in France, plays this game and I also have no idea what it involves - okay a bouncy ball and hands I assume - but having looked at your photos and read what you said, I am going to Youtube it and become more informed, terrible mother that I am. :)

  6. Oh how gorgeous. Now I just need a baby to knit one for.


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